The New Atheists do not believe in God, but they have a strong belief in the philosophy of materialism. Materialists believe that the entire universe is unconscious, made up of mindless matter, governed by impersonal mathematical laws. Nature has no design or purpose. Evolution is a result of the interplay of blind chance and physical necessity. Consciousness is confined to the insides of heads and only exists inside brains. God, angels and spirits are ideas in human minds: hence they are inside human brains. They have no independent existence 'out there'.
I think that as a society, we suffer from what I like to call P.U.D.: Pro-Uniformity Disorder. Or, affectionately, “pud”.
In a society that profits from your self doubt, liking yourself is a rebellious act.
The function of the state is to take public money and put it in the hands of private interest.
We cannot say goodbye to a problem until at first we have said hello.
My ancestors resisted and survived what must have seemed like an apocalyptic reality of occupation and subjugation in a context where they had few choices....They resisted by taking the seeds of our culture and political systems and packing them away, so that one day another generation of Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg might be able to plant today.
If the very old will remember, the very young will listen.
You cannot discover an inhabited land. Otherwise I could cross the Atlantic and ‘discover’ England.
If fear is the only thing that’s holding you back then it's your path.
And when you can give thanks for it all and love without conditions, then you will be free...that is the power of the heart.
Some of the biggest questions of the heart unfold as a path not an answer.
Mutluluk: Kendinden razı olma, iyi ki varım hali
Life is a luminous pause between two mysteries that are yet one.
Kim istemez mutlu olmayı ama mutsuzluğa da var mısın?
We cannot heal what we cannot feel.

 Organized, institutionalized loneliness

Hayat dünyanın döngüleriyle beraber yaşadığımızda güzel.
Keşkeler değil, iyikiler gerek bize.
Yürümek iki mesafe arasında gidip gelmek değil yaratıcı bir eylemdir. Hem kendi yalnızlığımıza çekildiğimiz hem de toplum olarak bizi dönüştürecek bir ayağa kalkıştır. İki büklüm vücudun karşısında dikilmeye çalışan, attığı her adımda yeryüzünün gerçek bir parçası olduğunu fark eden Homo Viator'un eylemidir. Çünkü Yürüyen İnsan kendi üzerine çöken kaygı, haset ve korku yumaklarını çözer, varlığını yeryüzünün ebediyen yeni olan kalbine düğümler. Yürüyoruz, işte bu düğümü atmak için.
Let's imagine that you're a tree.
And in spring and summer, you are the happiest, most aligned version of yourself.
You are bearing fruit, you have all of your leaves and you feel the most confident, aligned version of you.
And then the season starts to change...
Your leaves start to fall.
The fruit...
Nowhere in sight.
And you superstitiously ask yourself:
What did I do to cause the leaves to fall?
What did I do to change this experience?
And as the tree with no leaves and fruit, you start to feel separate,
Fearful of circumstances.
Then projected upon that
Is a belief that all of these symptoms
Show that you are not as aligned as you were
In the previous seasons of spring and summer.
And then this spiritually oriented superstitious tree says:
What do I need to do to get back to the confidence that lets me know that I am aligned?
And so the tree engages in various spiritual processes...
Healing modalities
And works and works and works,
Through the fall
And through the winter.
And the moment the winter
The leaves come back.
Fruit is regrown.
And the tree thinks:
I must have done it right!
I am back in my alignment!
And this happens
After season
After season.
Until the wisdom of the tree says to itself:
It is not your doing that causes the leaves to fall.
It is not your doing that causes the leaves to return.
It is simply,
Discovering the seasonality of experience.
To which the tree says:
But I should be able to be as confident in the fall and the winter, as I am in the spring and the summer.
And the wisdom replies:
That's not what it's meant to be.
That's not the experience fall and winter have for you.
And to experience that you are less aligned during seasons that purposely bring up scarcety, insecurity and vulnerability...and to then imagine all the extra busy work that has to be done to reclaim what is only meant to return at the season in which it belongs, is just a dream. A dream that this awakening tree will wake up from.