Insan olmayan bir gelecegi tasavvur edip hayal edebilen ve onu yaratabilen tek canlidir.
Attachment = Our drive to connect with a caring other, and feel ‘seen’

Authenticity = Our ability to acknowledge our emotions, interests, and act in a way that is truly who we are, and aligns to our sense of meaning and purpose

We are always negotiating between authenticity and attachment. When authenticity threatens attachment, attachment trumps authenticity. If the choice is between ‘hiding my feelings, even from myself, and getting the basic care I need’ and ‘being myself and going without, I’m going to pick that first option every single time. Thus our real selves are leveraged bit by bit in a tragic transaction where we secure our physical or emotional survival by relinquishing who we are and how we feel.
As soon as you believe that your children are more important than the children of somebody else war is inevitable.
At times of pressure and fear, our perspective narrows and the part of our brain that takes over is more the fear and defensive based fight or flight. We lose the governance of our prefrontal cortex which is capable of taking a broader view. Perspective expands when people are not under physical threat. Our perspective narrows and it becomes subsumed in group identification and thought of revenge or hurting the other. The Hebrew word for Egypt is Mizraim, meaning a narrow place. So under threat or when we are perceived as under threat, we go to this narrow place. That’s a place of slavery. When we are enslaved to our own unconscious, we are governed by our emotions and the heart closes down.
It is impossible to create a peaceful world from a vengeful place, the very thing you want is the thing you are undermining.
Believing that anti-Zionism is anti-Semitic is a trauma response.
Many of us watching this conflict also come from histories of injustice and trauma in our own lineages so it’s been activated in our nervous system collectively.
The Zionist project, whatever validity you might think that it had in terms of Jewish history and Jewish redemption, could only be accomplished at the expense of the people that had already been living in that land for a long time. And that’s been the dilemma. So that means that out of the Jewish trauma, a trauma had to be imposed on the local population. It could not have been done in any other way. Zionism granted people without a land a land without a people. But there is no land without a people.
In the words of Palestinian peaceful protestor who’s neck was broken by the Israeli army: "There is no post traumatic stress disorder here because the trauma is never post, it’s ongoing."
The Palestinian people since 1929 are involved in a struggle in liberation. It’s an anti-settler colonialist struggle. And every anti-colonialist struggle has its ups and lows. Every anti-colonialist struggle has moments of glory and moments of violence. Decolonization is not a pharmaceutical process. It’s not a sterile process. It’s a messy business. And the longer the colonialism and the oppression, the more likely that the outburst would be violent and desperate in many many ways. Eliminatory policies could be genocide, ethnic cleansing or apartheid. They take different forms in different places according to capacity, historical circumstances and condition. Zionism's main idea, as a colonial ideology, is the elimination of the native or Indigenous population, the Palestinian.
If there is an institutional and profitable component to global conflicts, global conflicts are unlikely to be resolved.
What is happiness? Happiness is just a moment before you need more happiness. That is the capitalism Madison Avenue advertising version of happiness. What that actually is just pleasure and pain relief.
Are we going to change by design or by disaster?
Herkesin acısıda, mutluluğuda, parmak izi gibi, kendine ait.
Bardak dolunca taşmak istiyor.
We have two ears and one mouth to listen more and talk less. Listening is pretty underrated, it is not priority in the time we live in.
There’s an Ojibwa understanding that when we die, we find ourselves on the beach of a vast lake. Here we see the footprints of those who have died before us - people who have crossed the lake, leaving the Village of the Living and journeying to the Village of the Dead. The newly dead cannot make that journey alone, however. They need help from both sides. Those in the Village of the Living must build for their dead a canoe out of love to propel out into the lake with the energy of our grief. Those in the Village of the Dead reach out and receive that canoe, using the energy of their joy to pull it towards them, celebrating the person’s arrival with the same intensity as the living mourn the person’s departure.
Action has meaning only in relationship, and without understanding relationship, action on any level will only breed conflict. The understanding of relationship is infinitely more important than the search for any plan of action.
The cruelties of property and privilege are always more ferocious than the revenges of poverty and oppression. For the one aims at perpetuating resented injustice, the other is merely a momentary passion soon appeased.
It’s a strange gift, freedom of speech, you have to give it to your opponents if you want it for yourself.
Ten years and a pandemic later. I still choose you.
Yaşamanın zor, insanları tanımanın kolay olduğu zamanlardı. Şimdi yaşamak kolay, insanları tanımak zor.
Bazılarımızın hayatı böyle işte; darmadağınık, yarım yamalak.
Öyle bir şehirde yaşıyoruz ki, bak ne ordayız ne orda...
Bir deniz koca bir şehri bile ortasından ikiye bölüyor.
İnsan nasıl tam olsun ki?
Ne çok özlem, ne çok hüzün, ne çok sevinç birikmiş meğer...Ama hepsi aynı kapıya çıkıyor sonunda.
İnsan dediğin sevdiğini yanında istiyor işte.
Sevdiği herkesi...
Mesele bu.
Tree of life: All of life and creation are interconnected as branches or roots of a great tree