God doesn’t give an elephant a trunk it cannot raise.
One thing that happens to you when you leave home is that you have to then either find home or you have to understand why this is home or you have to become comfortable in a new space so that it will be your new home. And the best way to do that is by understanding. Often times you aren’t forced to understand, if you are in the majority. If the norm is your world you are fine. If everyone has your accent then you don’t need to understand another accent. If everybody is your skin colour, you don’t need to understand another skin colour. If everybody is your culture, if everybody is your language, if everybody is your socioeconomic class, whatever it may be. Then you don’t need to understand. The fastest path to home is just understanding. We live in a world now where there are fewer and fewer experiences that we all relate to or that we have all gone through. So while that’s great for individualism and that’s great for us living in our own niche, it has robbed us of a collective understanding.
Bizi arayan bulur, bulan tanır, tanıyan sever, seven aşık olur, aşık olana biz de aşık oluruz.
Sabir ortamdaki durumu kabullenerek hedefe ulasana kadar ya da o durumun sartlarini kendi lehimize cevirene kadar metodik ve akillica yontemlerle calismaya, gayret gostermeye ve ilerlemeye devam etmektir. Sabir pasif bir bekleyisten ziyade aktif bir hareket halinin adidir.
Initiation: The capacity to learn something new and demonstrate to someone else that you know it 
Rituals: Rights of passage, how to mark transitions and change

Initiation and rituals are not separated out from life. Every day is an initiation because every day is a new experience. There is not a culture on this planet that doesn’t ritualize the four great mysteries of birth, initiation, marriage, and death. Every day provides us an opportunity for birth and renewal. Every day provides us an opportunity for learning which is initiation. And every day provides us an opportunity for marriage which in the truest sense is mergence, integration or synthesis of bringing two or more parts of ourselves and creating a greater whole. And every day is a practise of letting go and release.
Those tender words we share with one another are stored in the secret heart of heaven. One day like rain, they will fall and spread and our mystery will grow green across the earth.
The grief is not something simply to endure. It’s something we must engage. We must engage it through ritual, writing, dance, poetry…through some kind of ways in which we give it shape and give it expression.
5 Gates of Grief:
(1) Everything we love, we will lose. There are no exceptions. To love is to accept this truth of impermanence.
(2) The parts of us that have not known love. These are the pieces of us that have been shamed, denied, or made unwelcome. The parts of us that feel unworthless.
(3) Sorrows of the world that we are intimately entangled with. It breaks up the fantasy of separation.
(4) What we expected and did not receive. The absence of the village. What we are aching for is something we are expecting. In its place, there is a profound emptiness. It’s not a personal failure, it’s a failure of culture.
(5) Unacknowledged ancestral grief. Almost all the grief we carry is ancestral.
What becomes depression is really a kind of oppression. It’s layers and layers of untouched grief that weigh down on us.
I am not an egg, I am African.
Bizler gorunmez baglarla sistemlerimize bagliyiz ve bir sekilde ruhumuzda onlarin yasadiklarini yasama ihtiyaci duyariz.
Ask: Uzun vadeli derin sevgi ve baglilik hali
Insan duymak istedigini soyler, ogrenmek istedigini anlatir.
Zor is yoktur, az ask vardir.
You are human. Whether your ancestors come from Europe, Asia, Africa or wherever, shamanism once existed there. We are attempting to go home to our spiritual roots before the state centralized religions rose up and autocratic governments told us what to believe. One of the reasons shamanism is popular again is because we are now trying to achieve spiritual democracy. To retain and recover our old right to contact spiritual realms and get direct revelations ourselves.
We have always had our own healing and nurturing practices, we just need to be reminded of them. We need to awaken to our ancestral ways of being in the world.
Colonialism: Killing of the ecological mind that we are one with nature
That’s the world we are living in now, marching there not with the barrel of a gun but with the promise of security, stability and convenience. We grant more and more freedom and power to agencies that we know are nefarious.
Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.
Mass engineering of addiction: We are not talking conspiracy theory, this is conspiracy reality.
Korku bizi guc sahibi oldukca zulm etmeye, altta kaldikca da adalet istemeye sevkeder. Demokrasi ezilenin digerini vurmak icin kullandigi bir sopadir. Onu ister, sonra oburunun tak diye kafasina gecirir.
One thing that I have learned about love is that it’s a lot like moving to a new country. Trying to build something where nothing existed before. It’s hanging on and letting go. It’s messy, it’s beautiful like any giant leap of faith. So congratulations to the two of you for taking that leap. May you take many more.
It is what it is until it isn’t.
Odyssey: A long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune